Varyant Karşıyaka, İzmİr
Arkİtera - Architecture Year Book 2016

Highlife Tower, İzmİr

the highest building in Europe

Beyaz Office, İstanbul

National Steel Building Awards 2016 - Project Award

Varyant Tower Bornova, İzmİr

wide vista with hexagonal form

Mimarlık Araştırma Merkezi has been working on architectural design, urban design, landscaping, project development and consulting branches. Mimarlık Araştırma Merkezi is engaged in different range of projects; housing settlements, residences, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, tourism & recreation facilities, religious buildings, Cultural & entertainment centers and sports complexes.




We produce designs that are based on spatial fiction, that see the structure as an integral part of design, use innovation of technological developments, and respond to new ways of life and usage.
While pursuing international high quality standards, we maintain an understanding of local cultural value, accumulation, and design "essences" that add to the design process when necessary.
We believe that the description of the physical and social environment of the cities can be constructed not only by urban planning but also by integrating urban design and all these methods with architectural design.
We work with urban design criteria in all different sized projects we make and ensure that the projects are a "place" in the city as a whole. Even the smallest building is aimed at being perceived as a "landmark" in the city.
Landscape design is a design that is integrated with the architectural project, the building and the settlement. It is not a support item used to decorate the architectural design. Therefore, with landscape designers, we prefer to work together from the preliminary phase of projects.
The inclusion of structural landscaping items using language that is parallel to architectural design in landscaping, construction with endemic plants and sustainable qualities are the primary criteria for us.
Project Development services are based on solid exploration bases for urban planning, urban design and architectural infrastructure; suggestions, directions that benefit City, investor and the user.
We provide systematic, targeted consultancy services from project design stage to structure, fine structure, material selection, structure organization, construction application selection, construction techniques and building operation.

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Selection of latest completed projects | Adnan Kazmaoğlu Mimarlık Araştırma Merkezi .

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Varyant Karşıyaka
Raf Product Magazine | July 2017
“for the blocks not to constitute a wall”,
“for conformance with the lot structure in the leveling of the piece of land”, “for providing an active composition by making blocks at different heights”.
Varyant Karşıyaka
Arkİtera - Architecture Year Book 2016 | April 2017
49 varieties of construction projects were selected for the Architecture Yearbook of Turkey 2016, Varyant Karşıyaka project was eligible to enter the year. Projects entering the yearbook was exhibited on April 25 at Studio-X Istanbul.
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